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Little known shade sail secrets about price and how to get the best value for your money

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You may be amazed at the difference in the initial price of one shade sail compared to another. Even I have been shocked at the price range of quotes that my clients show me. But it’s not hard to see where the corners have been cut (sometimes literally) to make the price appear cheaper. The average home shade sail costs between $3,000-$6,000 (sometimes as little as $1,500 and sometimes more than $10,000). If you are in Brisbane or surrounding areas I would be glad to visit your home or business and give you a free, no obligation design proposal and price estimate. Phone me directly on 1300 174 888 to arrange a meeting time.

In the meantime, here are some important things that could save you significant money and give you a shade sail that you are truly happy with…

Comparing Apples with Apples: When you see big price differences you have to wonder if the comparison is fair – are the quotes really talking about the same type of materials, design and installation? It’s just like comparing different types of carpet for your home… or different tyres for your car. While the prices are often very different, so is the quality. Be sure to get all the details (in writing). Ask about brands of fabric and stitching. Ask where the components come from – local, interstate or even overseas. And be sure to look at lots of photos of sails the company has installed. Even ask for references.

Design Differences: Like many areas of the home improvement industry, shade sail businesses are not regulated. That means anyone can sell you a shade sail. There’s no legal requirement for them to have specialist industry experience. There’s no requirement for them to know how to measure accurately, calculate angles or even swing a hammer. But I can tell you those things ARE very important – in fact knowledge and skills like that are essential in order to get a good shade sail result. You also have to take the time to carefully listen to clients – to understand what result they are trying to achieve. And time to analyze the environment – the angle of the sun, the areas that may be affected by water run-off, the most efficient and affordable way to support the sail, how other areas of the dwelling may be affected by the shade… and lots more. Nothing beats years of experience -- eyes that have seen installations year after year. And the wisdom that comes with hindsight too – making mistakes and fixing them. We don’t consider a job done until it really is done – perfectly. That means paying attention right from the beginning when it comes to the design.

Rust and Other Problems Exposed By Time: It’s true – almost every brand new shade sail looks great. The material is bright. The painted posts are gleaming. Even the steal fixings are bright and shiny. But if you haven’t used the right materials – fabric, stitching, paint, fixings, rigging that are all made to withstand the harsh environment -- it soon shows up.

A small spot of rust on a post quickly becomes a stain… then a raised patch… and then a weak spot that could compromise the whole structure. That’s why we get all our posts powder-coated by a local company we trust.

Steel fixings can also quickly discolour and rust. We use marine-grade stainless steel so your fixings remain strong and attractive their whole life.

To prevent sagging we recommend heavier grade rigging than the industry standard. And we definitely do not use rope of any sort.

The wrong fabric will stretch, fade and even tear. We source a range of quality fabrics that have been proven over time. And we’re not afraid to give you guidance and recommendations on which fabric we think is the best for your individual situation. We will gladly price a range for you – but at the same time we won’t be shy about telling you what we believe is best.

Time is the most accurate critic. We make recommendations based on what we know will serve you well for years – so that friends who see your shade sail in years to come still ask you who installed it because it looks so good.

A House Of Cards: Like anything with multiple parts, your shade sail will only ever be as strong as it weakest part. And when one part is weaker, it puts pressure on the rest of the structure. For example, the highest grade fabric is only as strong as the stitching you use. When poor quality stitching fails it can cause tremendous pressure on the sail causing it to rip – beyond repair. That’s when you realize that you’ve made a costly mistake. For that reason, we always recommend the highest grade stitching. In fact, the stitching we use is the same type used by NASA in space suits and used in the harshest desert conditions around the world. It’s 100% monofilament. Many other brands of stitching are only 25% monofilament with up to 75% filler material similar to the stitching used in produce store onion bags. The small additional expense (likely to add no more than $250 to the total cost of your shade sail) is a very small price to pay for the confidence of knowing your shade sail is supported by strong, UV resistant stitching.

Free, No Obligation Design Proposal and Estimate: I’d be glad to talk you through these and other traps to look out for. And give you some design ideas to help you achieve the result you are looking for from a shade sail. Phone me on 1300 174 888 and we can set a meeting to talk and give you an estimate.

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