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Awnings Brisbane

Summer in Brisbane. What comes to mind when you think about summer in the Queensland capital city? For some people, the first thought that pops into their head is how hot their house can become during long summer days. Sun streaming into rooms all day definately makes for an uncomfortable, hot room where no one wants to be in. Not to mention faded carpets and furniture. If your one of many who don't want to put up with an uncomfortable, hot house any longer, awnings may just be the perfect solution you've been looking for. Many people have added awnings to their Brisbane home with great results - they look good and they reduce the heat and light intensity of the sun.

Awnings dramatically reduce the amount of sunlight from coming in through windows and doors, helping create shade and keeping your home cooler. You will find that you're able to save money on your electricity bills as you won't need to use your air conditioner as often. By installing retractable awnings, you can control how far they come out of the house, any time you like. They provide shaded areas for pets and kids, which is important as both these members of the family can overheat quickly on a hot day. Not to be restricted to just windows, awnings are great for on patios, decks, outdoor entertainment areas and even over swimming pools.

Awning fabrics are made from tough, weather resistant materials which are designed for outdoor use. They come in a huge range of styles and colours, and can be matched to suit your home's decor and colours perfectly.  Don't let another hot summer go by with you and your family feeling the heat inside more than you all have to - talk to us about awnings installation today.


Shade Sails Maintenance

How to maintain your shade sail so it looks good and remains strong for years and years

Although your shade sail is designed to withstand the harsh outdoor elements, some basic maintenance will help it to look better and last longer. Here are a few tips to help you maintain your sail. If your sail is showing any signs of wear, be sure to have it repaired immediately.

Tension: A good quality sail will hold its tension well. But it’s still good to check it at least once a year. A few small adjustments in tension will keep your sail strong and help to protect it in windy conditions.

Stitching: Close inspection of the stitching will help you to catch problems early. A small area of damaged stitching can quickly expand into a major stitching failure. This in turn will put added load on your sail and could stretch the fabric or cause a week spot or tear.

Fabric: Check the fabric carefully for worn patches or weak spots. A small section of fabric can be easily repaired or reinforced with a patch. But when a small tear or hole begins, it can quickly become a major tear or hole – difficult and expensive to repair. The key is early detection.

Cleaning: Be sure to keep your sail clear of any debris. Although a properly installed sail will minimize a build-up of debris, sometimes sticks and leaves can become lodged in the weave of the fabric. We mostly recommend darker shades of fabric as they tend not to show dirt. Lighter colours can quickly become discoloured by dirt and pollution in the atmosphere. When cleaning your sail, just use water or very mild detergent. Definitely do not use any harsh chemicals or cleaners with chlorine or bleach. Also avoid high-pressure cleaners – their strong jets of water can damage the fabric and stitching. Low pressure cleaners work well. Or a soft broom with warm, mild detergent can be very effective. Brush gently in different angles to remove all dirt. Rinse thoroughly so no detergent is left on the sail. If you leave the sail intact for cleaning, be sure not to put too much pressure on it with the broom (be careful not to stretch the sail). If you are taking the sail down for cleaning, get help from at least one other person so the sail is not damaged. Also be careful what you lay the sail on (make sure there is nothing sharp under the sail that may cause it to tear). When reinstalling your sail, be sure to tension it again properly.

Posts and fixing points: Inspect posts and fixing points to ensure they are solid and secure. Check for rust on the posts, nuts and bolts. If attached to the roof, check condition of tiles / colourbond around the fixing.

We offer both a Maintenance / Inspection service and Repair Service. If you have any concerns, please call us on 1300 174 888 and we’ll gladly give you advice and help to keep your sail in good condition for many years.

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