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Shade sail fabric colours

How to choose the right shade sail colour for your Brisbane home or business

Before you look at the different fabric colours available, you’ll want to know that they not only ‘look’ different, they ‘function’ differently. Apart from the aesthetic appeal (colour complimenting your home or business) there are 3 main things to consider…

Shade: Darker colours tend to block out more light. This creates more shade and often a cooler environment. For some situations this is perfect. But keep in mind that a darker sail may make your home or business darker inside as it stops light from coming through windows that are in the shade of the sail.

UV Protection: Not always, but mostly, darker colours offer greater UV protection.

Resistance to discolouration: Darker colours tend not to show the dirt as much as light colours. That means they will look newer for longer and need to be cleaned much less often.

Here is a range of permeable (water-resistant) fabric COLOURS that we recommend

Here is a range of impermeable (water-proof) fabric COLOURS that we recommend

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