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Shade Sail Fabrics Guarantee

Unique Brisbane Shade Sails ‘R’ Us guarantees that give you unbeatable value for money and peace of mind.

As you well know, a guarantee is only as good as the company that offers it. And when you see some of the guarantees on offer, you have to wonder how long the company has been around (and how much longer they will be around!) We offer a range of realistic guarantees depending on the shade sail you choose.

You see, there’s lots of choice when it comes to the quality you want your shade sail to be. While we always recommend the best materials (because we believe they offer the best value for money in the long run) we realize that everybody is at a different stage of life and has different priorities.

Shade Sails Ipswich, Waterproof Shade SailsOur top quality fabrics have a 10 year guarantee against UV degredation. And our top quality stitching has a 15 year guarantee against UV degredation. They’re the ones we recommend. But you may want a cheaper alternative. And that’s okay with us… providing you give us a few minutes to explain the differences to you.

And while the industry standard for rigging (the cable that supports the edge of the sail) is 3mm, we recommend 4mm (sometimes 5 and 6mm). This keeps your sail under tension so it looks better and lasts longer (without stretching and sagging). But again, you may like to choose 3mm because it saves you a few dollars. In order to offer the cheapest prices some companies use a rope-based support – they don’t even use a cable. We strongly caution you against going this far to save a few dollars.

We believe that you can make the best choice, for you and your family, when you have all the information. We will then give you a fair guarantee based on the grade of quality you choose for your sail.

And to give you extra value and protection, we offer a yearly Safety Inspection and Maintenance. This service will ensure your sail will last longer and always look terrific. A small yearly fee will apply to this service.

Here’s a sample of one of our Guarantee Certificates.

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