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Shade Sail Fabrics

There is a huge choice in shade sail fabrics available and not just which colour will look the best with your house! There are a few other factors to consider when choosing a shade sail fabric. Firstly and possibly most importantly, you need to decide if you require a water resistant shade sail, or a completely water proof shade sail. At Shade Sails r Us, we refer to these shade sail fabrics as Permeable (water-resistant) and Impermeable (water-proof).  Permeable fabrics allow a small amount of water to pass through, such as a fine spray during a light shower or droplets during more heavy rain. Impermeable fabrics keep water out completely.  At Shade Sails r Us, the most popular shade sail fabric that's chosen is the permeable fabric. Because of the fine holes in the fabric, air is able to flow through maximising ventilation. They provide excellent UV protection and are very strong. They also come in a huge range of colours and are fade proof. Impermeable shade sail fabrics are chosen when the area underneath the shade sail needs to remain dry. They keep the water out, but because of the way they're made they also keep air flow out. It's important to keep in mind that ventilation will be affected in the area where the shade sail is installed.Water runoff can also collect and cause damage and flooding. Shade Sails r Us can help you work out where the best place to install your shade sail is and how to maximise your shade and ventilation. Call Shade Sails r Us today to arrange a quote.


Shade Sail Fabrics

How to choose a shade sail fabric that looks great, provides the result you want and is resistant to fading, sagging, holes and other costly problems

With so many fabrics on the market it can be difficult to choose the right one for your home or business. Choosing the wrong fabric will be one of the most costly mistakes you could make as it may give you a sail that doesn’t meet your needs, doesn’t compliment your home or business and doesn’t last the test of time.

Although there are many different grades (quality) of fabric, there are two main types:

The main difference is the amount of water that can pass through the fabric. Water-resistant or permeable fabric will allow a small amount of water to pass through (usually just a fine spray during light rain and possibly droplets during heavy rain) while water-proof or impermeable fabric will keep water out completely.

Both types of fabrics offer differing degrees of UV and shade protection depending on the colour and rating.

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