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Tips for Buying Shade Sails in Brisbane

Shade Sails Brisbane

Shade sails are such a tremendously practical solution in a sunny climate that you have to wonder why nobody came up with the idea earlier! They have such a range of applications and it isn’t only homeowners that make use of shade sails – you may have seen them in use at child care centres, public swimming pools and council parks and even in the courtyards of commercial premises. Not only are shade sails practical, they’re stylish and low maintenance.


Shade sails are typically used to add shade to an area where no natural shade is available, and where a permanent structure isn’t a viable or affordable solution. While they’re perhaps most often used over or adjacent to swimming pools, outdoor entertainment spaces and children’s play areas, they’re increasingly being used for another purpose – shade sail carports!


Waterproof shade sails do indeed offer a great solution if you suddenly find you have an extra vehicle in the family and no undercover parking for it. It’s not always practical, affordable or aesthetically desirable to extend the garage or build a new carport but leaving a vehicle exposed to the Queensland sun can quickly spoil the duco. Shade sail carports can protect the vehicle from the harsh sun and reduce the risk of your vehicle depreciating in value much faster than it should.


If you’re considering adding a shade sail to your home or business, there are quite a few factors to take into consideration. If you’re about to buy a shade sail, you should know that the quality and the attributes of shades sails in Brisbane does vary. Here are some tips to consider when purchasing shade sails:


  • All shade sail fabrics are not the same. If you spot a cheap shade sail, just compare the fabric quality and strength to a more expensive shade sail to spot the difference! Beware of opting for a cheap fabric to save money – your shade sail may be more likely to tear or stretch. Quality fabrics are likely to last and offer better protection from UV rays.


  • Waterproof or water resistant? Waterproof shade sails are just that: waterproof. On the other hand, water resistant shade sails may repel water to a certain extent, but aren’t designed to block it out completely. You might want your shade sail carport to be waterproof, whereas a water resistant shade sail may be just fine for the area next to your pool.


  • UV Protection: if the children will be playing under the shade sail you’ll want to ensure the fabric you choose has a high level of protection from UV rays. Shade sail fabrics range in block out capacity and go up to 98% block out.


  • The quality of shade sail installation is vital. A poorly secured shade sail, or one secured by rope instead of steel, may flap annoyingly in the wind, tear or even break away.


If you’re looking for quality shade sails in Ipswich or Brisbane or you’d like further information about shade sails, why not call the experts at Shade Sails R Us?


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