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Sun positions throughout the year - how this affects your shade sail placement

As we're all aware, the position of the sun changes throughout the year (if it didn't, we wouldn't have different seasons) and this affects where the shade lands. Most of us would prefer our shade for the hottest part of the year, during the hottest time of the day and to cast shade for as long as possible. A shade sail can do this as long as it's in the right position. Sounding difficult? It's not, as long as you plan properly and observe where the sun is throughout the year where you live. The sun always rises in the east and sets in the west and in summer, the sun is directly above at midday. During the late afternoon in summer, the suns rays are horizontal from the west at about 30 degrees from the horizon. These factors should all be considered for where you install your shade sail to get the maximum shade benefits it provides. This is particularly important for children's play areas and swimming pools, where sun exposure can be prolonged. If you're unsure about the suns position, chat to a shade sail installation company for their expert advice.

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