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Shade Sail Uses

Shade sails can be extremely versatile as they can create shade just about anywhere you want it. If you can install fixing posts then you can install a shade sail - and even in other cases you might only need one post. Most people probably imagine shade sails over playgrounds and pools, both are very popular options and great for protecting your kids skin from the damaging sun, but did you know that you can create a shade sail car port to protect your un-garaged vehicle? A great option for those who want to protect their car from animal droppings, leaves and sun. What about a shade sail patio? Instead of a permanent and expensive roof over your pergola or patio, a shade sail installed over these spaces is a stylish and much more affordable option. Shade sails are a wonderful way to create shade and protect against harmful UV rays. Some shade sail fabrics are waterproof, giving even more protection from the elements. As mentioned earlier, shade sails over pools are a stylish option to provide shade to your pool. Because people's skin is exposed more to the sun when swimming, it's a great idea to provide shade over your pool if you can. Shade sails over playgrounds are very important - most schools and day care centres recognise this as an important factor for sun safety. Children can enjoy playing in the playground whilst still remaining in the shade. There are countless uses for shade sails and the choice of colours and fabrics available makes it even easier - there's a colour to match or complement your home.

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