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Shade Sail Installation

Installing a shade sail can be a lot more complicated than it sounds - it is not a matter of simply attaching a shade sail to some posts. Shade sail installation is best left to the experts for this reason and the following tips on shade sail installation will help you understand the process better and could end up saving you a lot of money.

Firstly, the shade sail needs to be supported by strong fixing points, which should be coated steel posts concreted in to the ground. Next, coverage needs to be considered as the shade sail covers a smaller area after tension curvature and fixings have been accounted for. The measurements are very important and have to be precise.

The shade sail needs to be slightly twisted and not completely taught to make sure the sail will be stable in windy conditions. The diagonal corners of the shade sail should be installed at different heights to give strength to the shade sail and to prevent water and dirt build up from collecting in the sail.

If a shade sail is incorrectly installed, it won't perform at it's best, could tear, or worse cause damage to your guttering/roof if installed somewhere that can't withstand the tension of the shade sail. As installing a shade sail is no simple feat, having your shade sail professionally installed is worth doing to ensure you can enjoy your shade sail for many years to come.

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